About Us

Orchid Garden Nepal is a non-profit and non-governmental organization with the basic aim of providing and protecting the rights, welfare and health of discriminated and the deprived children of Nepal. The sole purpose of the Orchid Garden Nepal (OGN) is to provide care and a quality education for all who come here; to help these children grow, learn, discover but most importantly, to be a normal kid.

The Garden is a day care center, early elementary school, and day hostel for children ages 6 months to 9 years old belonging to parents or single mothers/fathers dealing with issues of addiction, abuse, and neglect. At OGN our children are provided a well-rounded and multi-faceted educational experience that encourages creativity and self-discovery.

Orchid Garden Nepal is a community with the ultimate goal of creating a self-sustaining environment for our children. This family fosters independent individuals who can one day contribute to Nepal and the world at large.


The Benifits of OGN!

1. Timely update about programs at OGN
2. Quarterly newsletter through mail (OGN Times)
3. Education/Academic updates to the respective sponsors about their sponsored children
4. Contribution in making and molding the leaders of tomorrow
5. Indirect support and help to the parents of these children
6. Free honest and heartfelt gratitude
7. Blessings from the compelled parents and innocent children
8. Self-satisfaction and motivation to keep the good work going


The Future of OGN

1. To make OGN self reliant and sufficient
2. To start office to office packed lunch facilities prepared on strict supervision by the mothers of our children
3. Door to door selling of homemade species, products, both prepared and sold by our parents
4. To provide training for different skills and be able to start a cooperation, solely to enhance the power of being self reliant to the needy families
5. To give adult education and training in English language to middle or upper classes on a nominal fee and free to those who are needy
6. Selling yearly calendar and special occasion cards made by children of OGN


Question considering OGN

If there any queries then please contact us at orchid.garden.np@gmail.com

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What we do

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About our Staff

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