Bina BasnetBina Basnet

Bina Basnet is the founder, president and principal of Orchid Garden Nepal.
She is the heart of Orchid Garden and is always busy with the daily routine and overall school tasks. Nothing in the school goes unnoticed, Bina sees everything!

She will do everything she can to provide the best education for the children and the nicest place to work for the staff.



Without the didi’s (what’s Nepali for ‘big sister’) we wouldn’t be able to give the best education we can. The didi’s are all mothers, their children are students at Orchid Garden. We provide them a job and at the same time education for their children. This way we support not only the children, but also the families of Orchid Garden. The didi’s take care of the children at the daycare and assisting at junior nursery, they clean the whole school inside and outside and cook food (with vegetables and herbs from our own garden) for all the children and staff. As you can see they are essential for us and we are very grateful they work at Orchid Garden!



No good education without good teachers. Every class has an amazingly driven teacher. At the same time Orchid Garden provides support for the education of their children as well.

The teachers work 6 days a week to teach the children Nepali, English and the older children even get mathclass. We really appreciate our great teachers!


VolunteersSpecial teachers

Besides our teachers, we have special teachers. Every thursday we have a dance teacher, every friday we have a clay teacher and every day there’s a computer teacher. There are also volunteers and assistants to help the teachers with the classwork and homework.



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