Help us to let “our orchid garden grow…”

Since its conception in 2006, Orchid Garden Nepal has always dreamed big and wanted more for its children. Founder, Bina Basnet, has faced many set backs and obstacles in creating an environment for whom she calls her “little orchids,” to thrive. Despite the difficulties in creating a fully operational daycare and school up through grade two, OGN has overcome its challenges. The school is now quickly outgrowing itself and the need for expansion becomes more pressing each year. In an effort to make Bina’s dreams of a fully staffed residential campus grades K-10 a reality, it has become the mission of OGN to further “Grow our Orchid Garden.”

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In 2014 a comprehensive capital campaign begins with the ultimate goal of raising enough money to acquire ownership of land, cover costs of labor and construction, and provide initial seed money to operate this school. Although there is a pressing need for sponsorships and educational costs, OGN recognizes that ultimately it can only fulfill its mission and dream if it takes responsibility of its own future; but we need your help.

While OGN, its board, and staff work today to create a detailed plan for expansion over the next 5-20 years, we are asking for you to consider donating to this cause. These donations will help our garden to flourish and our children to truly blossom into the future leaders and role models of Nepal. If interested in participating in our fundraising campaign fiscally please click the donate button below and follow along with the instructions provided. Your donations will be processed through Mountain Fund, an organization that addresses poverty related issues in Nepal, and works directly with OGN.



Please, read more about ways to support us


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Donations to our bank accounts

To keep it simple and clear it is better to making a European version in € connected to the Dutch account and American ( rest of the world) version in $ connected to the Nepal account.

The Dutch account nr is:
NL32INGB 0003 333 625

The Nepal account nr is:
Nepal Credit Commerce Bank Ltd (address KTM Main Branch Bagbazar)
BIC / Swift code NBOCNPKA



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Read more about ways to volunteer


Help us with fundraising

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Or, if you are interested in finding out how you can become further involved with out fundraising campaign please email us at

Question considering OGN

If there any queries then please contact us at

One thought on “Support us

  1. Mazuir Modere Nicole

    Hello, I am Dolma mother; I would send you some support by donation. I would receive more information about the dutch account. What is the dutch contact please ?. I hope all is going well at orchid garden. I hope to visit you in october or november. With my best greetings. Nicole Mazuir modéré France

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