By visiting this page you are one step closer to drastically altering a child’s life for the better — and for that we thank you. Orchid Garden Nepal provides quality care and education for the underserved children and families of Kathmandu almost entirely with the help of sponsors, hopefully like you. Please find the details of sponsorship below.
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The cost of sponsorship for one child currently in attendance at Orchid Garden Nepal in nursery – kindergarten is $100 a year. This price covers the cost of education and food.

To sponsor a child in grades 1 – 2 currently at Orchid Garden Nepal the cost is $390/300 Euro.

Sponsorship for children who have gone beyond studies in grade two at Orchid Garden Nepal to private schools in Kathmandu is $500 a year with a year. This price covers the cost of education, food, and in almost all cases lodging in academic hostels. Lodging of this nature is necessary due to poor family and home-life conditions for the given child.

When sponsoring a child it is important to know that you are committing to supporting this child from whatever age you begin the sponsorship until the end of their schooling (grade 12). There is no set price from nursery – grade 12. Each child’s situation is unique and is subject to change at any given time. Upon being matched up with a child, you will receive their profile and find out more about their personal situation. You will then be able to more fully understand their need in the coming years.

Download Application form

If interested in sponsoring one or more children, please fill out the downloadable application below and return to orchid.garden.np@gmail.com to begin the sponsoring process.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at the above email address or you may contact founder, Bina Basnet, directly at orchid.garden.np@gmail.com.

Application form for sponsors

Sponsorship Application


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